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Talking Mbira

Tune into the sound of the mbira:
a sound that will immerse you in the depths of African knowledge of the spirits. Stella Chiweshe, the Mbira Queen of Zimbabwe, carries you from mourning to revolt, from suffering to spiritual prowess.

"Quote" The music glides and winds its way through hills and rivers, it creates valleys and forests and leaves everyone taking stock of their self-value."

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1. Ndabaiwa (Kassahwa revisted) Disc 1
2. Chachimurenga (Future Mix) Disc 1
3. Uchiseka (Laugh about it) Disc 1
4. Ndangariro (Memories) Disc 1
5. Musandifungise (Don't remind me) Disc 1
6. Paite rima (Spritual lions) Disc 1
7. Tapera (We are perishing) Disc 1
8. Nhamoimbiri (Twice suffering) Disc 1
9. Manja (Respectful hands) Disc 1
10. Huvhimi (The vision for hunters) Disc 1


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