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Released 1994 by Piranha
With her unique blend of traditional Shona songs, personal stories and observations, and tales of the ancient spirits,prophets and ancestors of the Zimbabwean people, Stella Rambisai Chiweshe is travelling on one path in two directions. When performing solo on the Mbira, she journeys through the world of her ancestors, preserving their traditions; backed by the dynamic sounds of her band, the Earthquake, she visits the urban streets of harare and calls on the younger, westenized generation to take pride in their own culture.

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1. Ndinderere Disc 1
2. Huya Uzoona Disc 1
3. Mikono Disc 1
4. Nyamaropa pachipembere Disc 1
5. Gwendere-Gwendere Disc 1
6. Mapere Disc 1
7. Kudara Kwangu Disc 1
8. Rwuye Rwuye Disc 1
9. Mudzimu Dzoka Disc 1
10. Machena Disc 1
11. Baya wa Baya Disc 1
12. Zungunde Disc 1
13. Dande Disc 1
14. Mese Maikwana Disc 1
15. Kuzanga Disc 1


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